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Flotation plant operations

Flotation piloting

In order to satisfy rigorous due diligence requirements in the modern project development process, most flotation concentrator projects will need to undergo piloting to prove the process can run effectively in continuous/dynamic operation and meet the process design criteria (PDC) achieved on the bench. Considering continuous flows, recirculating streams, larger cells, industrial reagent grades, grinding and water chemistry, a successful bench regime will not automatically scale-up to a successful continuous circuit. It takes a specialist skill set to bring all of the technical and operational parameters together and ALS has that skill set along with a massive equipment inventory and decades of flotation piloting experience.

Fábrica piloto de flutuação

Flotation Piloting Services

Every bench scale flotation test regime and circuit can be completed at pilot scale with continuous operation. As mentioned above, and assuming the requisite technical acumen at ALS, the real test of successful flotation piloting is achieved by bringing together the following factors in one package:

  • Flotation Cell Inventory: In order to accommodate a wide range of potential flotation circuits, ALS has the following cell inventory:
  • Conditioning Tank Inventory: Reagent conditioning is a critical link in the flotation process, and unlike on the bench, we no longer have the luxury of using the huge mixing energies in the flotation cell to contact the slurry with the reagents. In the pilot circuit it means there must be separate conditioning tanks of the correct volume and type to achieve the conditioning PDC. ALS has a huge range of PVC custom baffled conditioning tanks with feed downcomers and exit launders. A large range of stands are also available to enable cascading tanks to utilise gravity flow ahead of the flotation cell banks. High Intensity Condition (HIC) tanks are also available for applications where the reagent needs physical force to ensure sufficient particle-chemical contact.


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    Grinding always precedes flotation pilots followed by materials handling. Other areas may include:

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