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Lab design build & operation

Expertise in designing, building, and operating mine site laboratories

ALS mine site laboratories provide world-class data to assist in making better strategic and operational decisions. The state-of-the-art equipment used in ALS mine site laboratories is consistent with ALS commercial analytical laboratories, ensuring the same reliable and superior outcomes are delivered. ALS understands the importance of providing critical operational, metallurgical, and environmental data to optimise mining and mineral processing production. ALS prides itself on reliable analytical data to ensure the achievement of targets and seamless project operation.

	Expertise in designing building

Our global LIMS networks provides unparalleled quality and oversight.

With any ALS mine laboratory, access to the LIM System known as GEMS (Global Enterprise Management System) is provided to allow for global access to data. The GEMS system allows ALS management to oversee operations from off-site to track performance and quality at site labs. ALS is the only laboratory group in the world that can provide this level of integration between site laboratories and their global management system.

LIMS networks

Design and build

Our mine site and in-house engineering teams have years of practical experience providing turn-key mine site laboratory design and construction services. ALS works directly with clients to prepare building layout designs while assisting with equipment selection, manufacture, and procurement. Laboratory facilities can be either leased or purchased outright. This provides flexibility and cost-effective solutions to clients who can choose to pay for the laboratory from their operating budgets or commit the full capital cost upfront.

Design and build options:
  • Expansion, optimisation, and/or update of existing mine site laboratories.
  • Mobile laboratory facilities setup for both sample preparation and analysis.
  • Mobile sample preparation facilities upgrade to full service analytical laboratories.

Operate, manage, staff and maintain – new or existing mine site laboratories

ALS mine site laboratories are run by experienced personnel with full support from an extensive global laboratory network. Access to global ALS management experience coupled with sufficient staffing and equipment levels ensure high quality data is delivered on-time.

ALS takes full responsibility for the routine upkeep, calibration, and validation of the mine site laboratory facilities. In addition to servicing new start-up mining and mineral processing operations, ALS offers management solutions to existing mine site laboratories - assuming full operational responsibility, including technical management and staffing.

Mine site laboratory services:
  • New and existing mine site laboratories operation, management, and maintenance.
  • Near mine site laboratory analysis solutions.
  • Grade control analysis
  • Exploration analysis
  • Metallurgical process plant control analysis.
  • Core cutting, core photo-archiving, and core storage services.
  • Fire assay
  • Wet chemistry including BLEG and LeachWELL™.
  • Instrumentation including: AAS, ICP-AES, MP-AES, XRF, TGA, and IR for Total S & C.
  • Secure Data Management – LIMS, Webtrieve™, and CoreViewer™.
  • Data integration with 3D mine planning software.
  • Laboratory audits
  • Inventory management (consumables, purchasing)
  • Lab operational staff training
  • Consultation with mine production personnel to prioritise sample analyses.
  • Moisture analysis
  • Bulk Density, SG, and particle size distributions.



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