Requirements for Australian manufacturers of Complementary Medicines

Requirements for Australian manufacturers of Complementary Medicines

Posted 12 October 2017
Complementary medicines manufactured in Australia must adhere to standards set by the TGA in licensed facilities, and we look at what they are.
Various medicinal pills in petri dishes

Six of the seven guidelines laid down by Complementary Medicines Australia relate to chemical, physical, and microbiological properties of the product. The standards that must be meet include:

  • Products must contain ingredients assessed as safe by the TGA
  • Contain only ingredients at levels agreed to be safe by the TGA
  • Have all active ingredients in the product tested and verified as raw materials
  • Have every batch of final product tested
  • Perform ongoing stability trials
  • Have a product quality review conducted.

ALS is a global leader in complementary medicines analysis, helping manufacturers to ensure their products meet these standards, making them legal for export and supply to consumers. With a wide range of technical and analytical solutions (specifically chemical, physical and microbiological analysis), and our laboratories ever growing list of 500+ analytes and 800+ raw material monographs (BP & USP), ALS is positioned to be a laboratory partner of choice.

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