The InFIR Implementation Process: Delivering Innovation in Inspection Data Mobility

The InFIR Implementation Process: Delivering Innovation in Inspection Data Mobility

Posted 25 August 2021

Continuous improvement, a value within ALS’s core eight, is a framework guiding our client approach. An approach grounded in our commitment to be a world class service provider, as is expected from Australia’s largest asset integrity and reliability provider.  

With these influences underlying, ALS Industrial are continually identifying opportunities to improve and recently identified the potential to expand on the quality, consistency and speed of reporting for our clients. Offering client-centric reporting, where digitisation occurs at the point of inspection, has been an industry-wide focus, directed by the effort to make data management as reliable and efficient as possible in this digital age.

With this shift recognised at ALS, our dedicated team completed a thorough review of our existing reporting process to pinpoint areas for improvements and ensure ALS continue to provide a best-in-market reporting solution. Following thorough investigation, our team identified the potential to refine our traceability and approval processes.

The team also noted the potential to enhance data accessibility and visibility for clients – developing client’s ability to access report history, advancing our backup systems and elevating report transmission processes at remote sites.

In this review process, our team recognised the opportunity to streamline reporting templates and styles across sites to further align ALS with our strategic priority to improve the client experience. 

ALS acknowledged that implementing a mobile digitised reporting system at the point of inspection would strongly facilitate the improvements identified. Given this, the Infield Inspection and Reporting System (InFIR) was subsequently implemented.

InFIR was specifically designed to support accelerated data input and review processes. The digitisation at the source allows ALS to drive stronger standardisation across customer sites and facilitates more efficient and accurate data capture and reporting processes. Ultimately, addressing the fields for improvement identified through the investigation.

InFIR’s adoption was systemically planned with the implementation processes including a full review of personnel and equipment records, training sessions with InFIR-trained IT support teams and the development of an InFIR induction for new starters. Standardised digital data entry templates for ongoing and repeat works was created, alongside Power BI Dashboards. These dashboards were created to deliver real-time statistics of InFIR records current state, task performance as well as report transmission target trends to provide information to target Turnaround Improvements. Operationally, fortnightly reporting and review team meetings and InFIR Champions meetings have been standard practice since implementation. 

Post-implementation, our InFIR system had the desired effect – increasing report quality and turnaround for our clients. This increased reporting visibility brought many benefits, including:

  • Maintaining Quality Balance Score Card requirements through forced compliance; 
  • Increased visibility of all records in use including all workflow stages; 
  • Ease of assistance to all users as remote support can be viewed in real time; 
  • Standardised report format delivery for clients; and,
  • 80% of all standard reports are now delivered within 2 days of job completion.

The InFIR implementation process highlighted many Lessons Learnt. In particular, the importance of consistent quality assurance checks prior to release, the benefits of reviewing all personnel and equipment records prior to inspection. Additional benefits included having all technicians undergo InFIR system training sessions and access to training material, and finally, the benefits of reviewing our live dashboards to maintain and continually surpass our performance targets.  

Through these improvement initiatives, the team have been able to significantly improve the client experience. With the pace of digitalisation in the mining sector predicted to accelerate in the coming years, ALS are committed to continuing to evolve our InFIR system to exceed evolving client expectations.  

Discover more about ALS's inspection approach here.

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