In line with our responsibility to the individuals, communities and
environments in which we operate, we implement mindful practices
that make a positive impact on the world.

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Expanded our team to employ an additional 1800 people in communities around the world in FY2022

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Realized a 23% reduction in our Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate for FY2022.

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Contributed over 2 Billion AUD to the economy in FY2022.


ALS pillars

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Employees first

Being a global leader means assembling the right teams. We pride ourselves in recruiting top talent and offering a safe, inclusive, educational environment with the necessary resources to inspire continued growth.

  • Ensure a healthy work environment
    • Mandate critical safety guidelines
    • Provide health and wellness programs
    • Ensure supportive resources
  • Attract and develop a diverse workforce
    • Explore unconscious bias recruitment training
    • Build on reward/recognition programs
    • Invest in employee training and professional enrichment opportunities
    • Further develop inclusion initiatives

Taking steps to reduce our footprint

Environmental responsibility is a priority. Throughout our field work, we regularly seek opportunities to minimize our impact by conserving resources, reducing waste and more using more sustainable material.

  • Helping to minimize our carbon footprint
    • Tracking of carbon reduction plans for each business
    • Procurement of renewable energy

Global services. Local partners.

ALS offers testing and inspection services that help people all over the world. Through these efforts, we contribute to communities by creating shared value with our local partners. This includes providing employment opportunities and partnering with local contractors and suppliers.

  • Generating opportunities while giving back
    • Create jobs
    • Promote science education programs for students in local schools and universities
  • Stimulate local economies
    • Provide tax revenues across various countries in which we operate
    • Deliver high returns and create long-term value for shareholders
  • Uphold human rights
    • Recognize worker's rights across our global network
    • Maintain a safe and supportive work environment
    • Assessing working practices to ensure that human rights are respected

Operating ethically and responsibly

We hold ourselves to high standards of professional integrity. Regulatory frameworks promoting transparency and accountability allow us to build a trusting relationship with our stakeholders.

  • Maintain a fair workplace
    • Promote both an honest and ethical environment
  • Execute Enterprise Risk Management
    • Deliver sustainable outcomes for stakeholders


A 23% reduction in our total recordable injury frequency rate for FY2022.


Over 12400 hazard observations reported and addressed


51% of new professional hires are female* (12 months to October 2021)


1800 additional employees in FY2022


ALS Cares workplace giving program extended to 4 regions


A 15% reduction in Carbon Intensity in FY2022 (scope 1 & 2 emissions).


852KW additional solar PV capacity installed FY2022


An additional 5,300 Code of Conduct training sessions were completed

Future targets for 2023

We are proud of the success we have achieved in 2022 and look forward to reaching our goals in FY2023 and beyond.

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Go to great lengths to ensure the support, well-being and continued development of our employees

  • Achieve less than 1.44 for Total Recordable Injury Frequency rate
  • Employ greater than 50% female candidates for new professional hires
  • Complete 100% of compulsory training sessions
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Seek to protect our local and global environments through responsible practices

  • Implement 90% (minimum) renewable electricity across all ALS operations
  • Maintain greater than a 6% decline in scope 1 & 2 carbon intensity
  • Achieve carbon neutrality for scope 1 & 2 emissions


Make ongoing contributions to our local communities

  • Set goal of a total economic contribution greater than AUD 2 Billion
  • Build upon the Business Stream community engagement program
  • Complete human rights assessments on key suppliers in each regional procurement department
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Continue to operate responsibly and deliver ethical outcomes for our stakeholders

  • Extend external cyber security resilience testing
  • Promote a fair and competitive work environment
  • Achieve greater than 90% successful completion of ALStar Induction Training for new employees