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Sampling method verification

Sampling method verification

Sampling of metals / minerals is one of the most important steps in the verification of the quality of your cargoes. Buyers, sellers and shippers of a wide variety of commodities require accurate and representative sampling and accurate data.

Trade Inspection

Sampling method verification

ALS Inspection recognises the responsibility to protect client interests, by obtaining fully representative sample material and determining the quality of commodities.

Our teams of surveyors are strategically located at major ports, smelters, refineries and steelworks around the world to undertake precise inspection and sampling of commodities. Sampling performed for moisture determination and quality purposes is performed in accordance with the highest of International Standards as accurate sampling will help to eliminate any potential bias and ensure that the analytical results are representative of the entire cargo.

Representative sample collection methods offered include:

In summary correct sampling of a material is paramount in determining the value of a cargo therefore experienced ALS Inspection will offer a comprehensive range of available / accepted techniques to ensure that your interests are protected.