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Monitoring groundwater quality

Thorough monitoring of groundwater quality can include a wide variety of tests. As a partner, ALS understands the challenge in setting up a monitoring program. We can assist in putting together specific analytical suites to meet any needs to comply with local or regional regulation.

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The ALS difference

Whether you want to utilise our bespoke groundwater suites, pick individual parameters, or groups of analytes from our extensive list of accredited tests, our team of experts are here to assist

Working with ALS also means that you will benefit from our “miniaturisation program”. ALS has had a focus on refining analytical methods and extraction procedures to reduce the required sample volume. Not only will this save time in the field, but it will also mean less weight to carry and transport, and less waste, contributing to the ALS goal of reducing our carbon footprint.

La diferenciación de ALS

Quality Testing. Quality Results.

Our monitoring programs for ground water are typically based on suspected contaminants. Suites of tests vary from standard scopes of metals and base parameters to extensive programs that can include emerging contaminants, like PFAS and even screening analysis for metals and organics if the contaminant type is unknown.

To ensure quality results are delivered to clients, ALS will provide accredited results for all standard parameters, and screening results will be evaluated in the laboratory by senior chemists with extensive knowledge and experience.

Meeting your specific needs

Our laboratories will tailor analytical suites and sampling plans to help clients comply with legislation and regulations. At ALS, quality data is supported by a focus and understanding of clients' needs.

Typical groundwater tests are:

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