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Safety in-use studies

In-use safety testing

Safety In Use (SIU) is a safety study whereby a product is used per it’s normal use instructions for a period of 2-4 weeks to assess for subject tolerability. ALS is adept at performing SIU studies and has a large capacity to complete these studies regularly for clients requiring various SIU protocols as part of their safety program. ALS can test both adult and children’s products, and has the following specialists on hand for specific safety claims: Dermatologist, Ophthalmologist, Gynecologist, Pediatrician, and Allergist. All physicians are US or Brazilian board certified.

The ALS difference

ALS has the most sites available for safety testing of any clinical laboratory in the Americas. Our capacity to start and turn around these types of studies quickly and efficiently is unrivaled. For companies looking to launch products quickly on a regular basis, ALS is an ideal partner for safety testing.

“Safe for use around the eyes” & “Ophthalmologist Tested”

For standard “safe for use around the eyes” claims the exams can be performed by our in-house physician. If “ophthalmologist tested” is desired, the exams are by one of our board certified ophthalmologists. Opthamologist Tested is a popular claim for eye area products. This study involves and eye examination, followed by two weeks of normal product use, and another eye examination.

Safety prerequisite

For eye area studies, please keep in mind that there is a prerequisite requirement of an in-vitro ocular test prior to testing on human subjects. Any of the following tests are acceptable and can be offered by ALS: Optisafe, Epiocular, HET-CAM, BCOP. 

Gynecologist Tested

ALS has board certified gynecologists for studies concerning washes or feminine products.

Pediatrician Tested

ALS has the ability to recruit and perform studies with children three months to 17 years of age. We have extensive experience working with parents and kids to conduct these studies safely, and efficiently for products such as: washes, soaps, creams, diaper rash products, children and family sunscreens, and diapers.


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