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Process development & optimisation

ALS offers a full-service of metallurgical testwork. We can accommodate a simple amenability cyanidation test, progressing to scoping studies on master composites, right through to bankable feasibility studies encompassing comprehensive ore type optimisation, process validation, and variability studies.

Testes de lixiviação em escala reduzida

The ALS difference

Rather than a corner set aside for bottle rolls, ALS runs an entirely separate facility fully dedicated to gold related metallurgical testing. The laboratory is out-fitted with all of the industry accepted processing equipment and staffed with long-serving professional laboratory metallurgists and technicians. Our team’s knowledge measures in the hundreds of years. With this sort of capability and proficiency, clients can be confident that their gold testing program will be facilitated to its exact needs, encompassing all the finer nuances of this area of processing and not to an assumed prescribed recipe.

Monitorização de rolo de vasilha

Primary Gold Testwork Categories

ALS carries out all of the generic pre and post laboratory tasks such as grind establishment, particle size distribution determinations, filtration, drying, and all aspects of sub-sampling. Gold-specific testing falls into the following broad categories (click on each for more detail):

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Associated testwork services

Related testwork

Gold testwork rarely happens in isolation and typically many other processes are required pre and post gold testwork, as follows:

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