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Stack gas and CEMS

Sampling and testing of emissions

Through industrialisation over the past century, considerable quantities of gas and particle matter have been discharged into the environment. Today we have a number of ex-industrial sites and surroundings impacted by chemical contaminants. Increasing environmental awareness and legislation has led to new technologies being introduced to monitor emissions and potential harmful effects to the environment.

Sampling of stationary source emissions is a complex procedure due to the variable nature of contaminants and the fact that many compounds can pass through a solution, or a solid sorbent, without being retained. ALS provides sampling trains that are optimised with specific solutions or solid sorbents to collect analytes of concern.

Analysis of resulting stack solutions or solid sorbents requires specific methodologies. Following extensive validation, ALS Environmental can offer a range of accredited analytical procedures for stationary source emissions based on US EPA, ISO or EN methodologies.

Stack Testing

Innovative Testing.
Quality Results.

ALS offers a wide range of accredited parameters for emissions. Our laboratories have decades of experience in providing sampling and/or analytical services, with the supply of sampling material required for specific contaminants.

Our laboratories will tailor analytical suites and sampling media to help clients comply with legislation and regulations. At ALS, quality data is supported by a focus and understanding of client’s needs.

Typical tests include:

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