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Analysis of hydrogen halids and halogens in stack emission samples

Sampling & analysis of hydrogen halids (acids) & halogens in stack emission samples

Emission of Hydrogen Halids that becomes acids in aqueous phase, is a contributing factor to acid rain.

acid rain

Analytical method & sampling procedure

Samples are collected using an impinger train of absorbing solutions, with the use of a pre-filter for determining the particulate load. Samples are analysed using an ion selective electrode (ISE), titration or by ion chromatography (IC). This method of sampling is also often for air quality monitoring in the vicinity of aluminium smelters, power stations, steel works and fertilizer plants.

Analytical methods used include EPA method 26, EN 1911-3, ISO 15713, EN ISO 10304-1.

Compounds analysed by ALS:
  • HCN
  • HCI
  • HF
  • Chlorine
  • Fluorine
ALS Ely - Analysts performing Titrations

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