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Analysis of oil & petroleum related parameters

Oil & petroleum related parameters

Amongst the most common contaminants found in the environment are hydrocarbons from oil and petroleum products. Depending on the oil product these hydrocarbons differ widely from volatile compounds like BTEX to heavy compounds found in bunker fuel.


Techniques to capture both volatile and heavier compounds

The instrumentation used by environmental laboratories for hydrocarbon analysis are focused around GC, either with a FID or a MS detector depending on local legislation. The volatile hydrocarbons will be analysed using either headspace or purge and trap while the heavier components will be analysed after solvent extraction

ALS follows international and local standards for testing including EPA and ISO methods.

Analysis provided by ALS includes:

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VOCs in groundwater

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Screening analyses

Our semi-quantitative screening includes about seventy elements. This comprehensive analysis is useful for a number of applications


Trace metal analyses

ALS offers trace- and ultra-trace element testing with quantification limits (LOQs) matched by very few labs worldwide.