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Geotechnical parameters

Physical properties of soil & sediment

Physical properties of soil and sediment can be an integral part of environmental investigations. Typically, this information is used to decide mobility of contaminants and will impact remediation strategies.


The ALS difference

Knowing that our clients will need to assess the physical properties of soil and sediment as a part of their environmental investigation, ALS has decided to incorporate such testing as a standard part of our laboratory capabilities. The testing is performed within our environmental laboratories providing clients with a one-stop-shop.

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Quality Testing. Quality Results.

All geotechnical analytical methods are performed by ALS ISO 17025 accredited laboratories. Where accreditation/certification is available specific methods will be accredited.

As with all methods performed by ALS, method development and validation follow the same protocol as for accredited methods guaranteeing the quality of results provided.

Meeting your specific needs

ALS offers the most common tests as standard and has also together with clients developed project specific methods.

Our standard list includes the following:

  • Organic matter and Loss on Ignition
  • Atterberg Limits
  • Conductivity
  • Bulk Density
  • Moisture
  • PH, Saturate Paste or Extraction
  • Particle Size Analysis, Dry Sieve
  • Particle Size Analysis, Wet Sieve
  • Particle Size Analysis, with Silt and Clay Hydrometer
  • Porosity
  • Soil Classification

Related topics

mud on hands

Chemical analysis

ALS provides an extensive range of tests for soil, solid matrices and biota.



ALS offers a wide array of leaching tests, covering both organic and inorganic parameters.

Sample Prep

Sample preparation

ALS stands apart from most other environmental laboratories in our ability to prepare challenging sample matrices