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Getting samples prepared for extraction & analysis

Sample preparation is sometimes required to ensure correct particle size is used for extraction or to produce a representative, homogenous sub-sample for analysis. This is especially true for fuels, waste and samples of building materials tested for contamination.

Pez en el agua

The ALS difference

ALS understands the importance of sample preparation and the impact the preparation can have on analytical results. All processes are developed to provide representative sub samples without compromising the sample and avoid losses of compounds targeted in the analytical process.

Preparación de muestras

Quality Testing. Quality Results.

Sample preparation procedures follow the same strict quality protocol as the extraction and analytical steps.

Meeting your specific needs

ALS offers the most common tests as standard and has also together with clients developed project specific methods.

Our standard list includes the following:

  • Crushing of concrete and asphalt
  • Sawing of concrete cores or wood
  • Cryogenic Grinding with liquid nitrogen
  • Grinding to particle size less than 2 m
  • Grinding to particle sizes less than 1 mm
  • Pulverisation to particle size <100 mesh or <200 mesh
  • Freeze drying
  • Dissection of biota
  • Filleting
  • Preparation of animal or plant tissue
  • Homogenisation methods

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