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Heavy metals

Toxic metals in food

A number of metals are highly toxic and are known to bioaccumulate in foodstuffs. Seafood is known to be of very high risk of heavy metal contamination due to bio-accumulation, however, all primary produce can be contaminated from environmental sources. Heavy metals in food are regulated around the world with specific limits on most commodities.

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A full screen of toxic metals

ALS can offer a full screen of metals of interest. In addition to the "big four" toxic metals (Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic, and Mercury) ALS can screen for a wide range of metals using ICP-MS, in addition hyphenated techniques can be used to look for specific forms of metals such as Organic Arsenic or Methyl Mercury.

Typical metals of interest are:

Specialty services


Specialty services

ALS’ specialist metals lab in Lulea, Sweden is the leading metals testing laboratory globally. Specialist metal testing services are available including trace level analysis to baby food limits and analysis of isotopic ratios of metals.