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Coal – sampling & analysis

Sampling & sampling system services

Errors in sampling have a greater impact on an analytical result than sample preparation or testing. Therefore, it is important to use the right people and the proper tools to obtain the most accurate result. ALS provides a broad suite of sampling services for a range of bulk commodities. These services include strip sampling, coal preparation plant sampling, mechanical sampling system audits, and sampling system bias tests. Additionally, we have ISO17025 (NATA) accreditation for these services.


Borecore analysis

Delivering the analytical component of an exploration program requires accuracy and timeliness. ALS can meet those requirements because we operate a large, dedicated laboratory that is only focused on processing bore-core samples. The facility has the capacity to concurrently process multiple large diameter and slim-core programs. Communications between the program owner and ALS is through one of our dedicated project managers. This provides clarity on work progress and gives you the ability to swiftly adjust priorities as results are delivered.


Mine-site & production services

Managing coal quality through the coal preparation plant is essential to producing an on-spec product while optimizing yield. ALS has the specialized personnel and capabilities to meet the needs of mine site laboratories. Whether operating in a client owned facility or an ALS mobile laboratory, we provide the training and supervision to deliver a quality service. ALS also provides more comprehensive services through larger coalfields-based laboratories and unique small-scale coal preparation plants.


Superintending services

Coal buyers and sellers rely on ALS to deliver timely, accurate shipping certificates that describe the quality and quantity of individual coal export shipments. During coal loading at the export terminal, ALS personnel use automatic sample plants to obtain representative samples of coal. These samples are sized and analyzed at the laboratory. The results then undergo a rigorous validation process that ensures the certificate truly reflects the characteristics of coal.


Gas services

ALS provides high-quality gas desorption testing services in three areas: the coal seam gas industry, underground miners concerned about outbursts, and coal miners reporting greenhouse audit data. Our geologists provide full coverage of the desorption process. From the initial reads at the drilling site to final report generation, clients have assurance that the samples are being processed by a professional and dedicated team. This team also provides additional services including core preservation and core and chip logging services.



For many years, ALS has provided training courses to the coal industry. Our flagship course is the well-known “Coal Quality Course”, a 3-day program providing professionals with an introduction to managing coal quality through the coal chain. However, ALS also delivers courses tailored to the requirements of a particular company or professional body. ALS has the technical knowledge to deliver in-depth and insightful training focused on coal analysis and the implications of the results.