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OTC drug & cosmetic product safety 

Safety testing of topical products

Safety testing of topical products

ALS is an industry leader in safety testing of topical and ocular products, including cosmetics, drugs, medical devices for adults, and children’s products. Common studies include shared or exclusive HRIPT panels, skin prick tests, cumulative irritation, and safety practices. For studies requiring physician oversight, ALS offers the inclusion of dermatologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, gynecologists, dentists, or allergists.


Toxicology & in-vitro safety or claims testing

ALS offers an array of in-vitro ocular and skin safety tests, as well as in-vitro skin permeation, in-vitro skin permeation (IVPT) and risk assessment.

Toxicology and in-vitro safety or claims testing

Patch testing

We are the US leader in Human Repeat Insult Patch (HRIPT) and Primary Irritation (PI) testing. We start panels every other week. By having multiple sites in USA and LATAM we ensure the most robust recruitment system and high throughput. Additionally, we offer dermatologist review/tested, and sensitive skin options.